Maternity Pillows

by Danielle on November 16, 2009

in Maternity

Okay, so I always saw Maternity Pillows online, in the store or in magazines and thought to myself, “Who buys that?!” Well, I am now on my third pregnancy and so glad to announce that I am a proud owner of one. There is nothing worse than being super tired and when you finally lay your head down to sleep, you can’t because you can’t seem to get comfortable with a bowling ball attached to your stomach. This pillow has saved me from many sleepless nights! It not only supports your stomach, but takes a great deal of pressure off of your back and neck while you are sleeping. It’s also great too for when you are not sleeping. You can coil it into many positions and use it to prop you up while you read or watch tv. If you are having any trouble sleeping or getting comfortable, I highly recommend a Maternity Pillow.

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