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2009 October — All The Best Baby Stuff

From the monthly archives:

October 2009

Fischer Price Space Saver High Chair

by Danielle on October 30, 2009

in Baby Gear

We own two of the Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chairs and are madly in love with them! We enjoyed them when our kids were infants and are currently still enjoying them now that they are toddlers. It offers all the amenities of a full-size high chair in a less bulky design. The high chair easily straps to dining room or kitchen chairs with a little effort. We have even used them on our outdoor patio chairs. It’s designed for children from six months to three years, although we are still using ours currently for our 3 year old as a booster seat with no problems and we used them when our kids were babies starting around 4 months old. They loved sitting in them with a bottle or with some toys on the tray to play with. The seat cover is machine washable and comes out looking brand new every time. We have even un-threaded the straps and buckles and washed those also, and they too come back looking brand new. The tray is dish washer safe and the seat can recline into 3 different positions. This compact, convenient, and comfortable seat gives your child a safe place to sit and play or eat. It is neutral in color and it is portable enough to take with you anywhere!


Winterizing Your Baby

by Danielle on October 29, 2009

in Apparel,Baby Gear,Safety

With Winter just right around the corner, it’s time to Winterize Your Baby! Since babies are more susceptible to germs and even more affected by cold weather, it’s common sense to spend extra time shielding them from Old Man Winter!

HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? Although it may be tempting to bundle your baby up like an Eskimo to keep out the cold, too many layers can actually be dangerous. Experts say the general rule of thumb is dressing babies with one more layer than an adult would wear. Using too many blankets can pose a suffocation hazard or for us, we often had our baby with a heat rash because he was too warm!

When it comes to car seats, bulky clothing can compromise the way straps restrain a baby, and blankets draped over the seat can just be annoying and a hassle. They blow away instantly with a gust of wind. Fortunately for us, we had newborn babies in the summer months. However, Winter season still was something we had to deal with and we are now getting ready for baby #3 to make their arrival in the middle of winter! So, we too are preparing for the cold weather. Long Sleeve Onesies are a must for layering. Also, our babies developed eczema from the cold weather, so invest in some good Baby Moisturizing Lotion. The JJ Cole Bundle Me is a fabulous product for car seats! Below are a few items that we found necessary and made life a lot easier, all while keeping our little ones warm and comfy.


The 411 on Baby Monitors

by Danielle Safety

The moment you become a parent is the moment you will forever want to make sure that your baby is safe. There is something that gets instilled into all of us instantly and you will find yourself doing things like checking on them in the middle of the night, just because. When we had our […]

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Universal Registry!

by Danielle Apparel

Now registering for a baby is easier than ever! Along with shopping from this incredibly easy New Baby Checklist from Amazon, the latest and greatest way to create a registry has finally arrived! . Did you know that Amazon has a baby registry in which you can create a Universal Registry?! This means that you […]

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The Ultimate Baby Checklist

by Danielle Apparel

Expecting a new addition to your family and overwhelmed with what to buy before they arrive? Don’t worry, people with experience have done the work for you. Well, at least a small piece. As I began research to start writing my ultimate baby checklist, I discovered that Amazon really has a great baby checklist online. […]

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Cute Fall Jackets For Baby

by Danielle Apparel

It’s official, Fall is here! With Fall Season, comes needing additional apparel for keeping your baby warm and comfy. Below I have listed some great Fall Jackets that are light weight and can be easily layered. Generally in the Fall Season comes lots of wind and rain, so in my opinion, a jacket with a […]

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Green Baby!

by Danielle Eco-Friendly Items

It’s the latest craze and/or trend out there when it comes to the responsibility of becoming a new parent! No, no one is having children that are actually the color green, but rather, raising them and changing their personal lifestyles to be eco-friendly and simply using the very finest of organic items for your baby. […]

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