Best Diaper Bags For Travel

by Danielle on November 10, 2009

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Diaper Bags can totally make or break a travel experience with your baby. You want something that is comfy to carry around and easily accessible. Not too bulky, but has a place for everything you may need quick access to. Having it organized is one of the easiest ways to turn an average diaper bag into a great diaper bag.

We recently realized the importance of having a great diaper bag when we lost a vital set of keys. For months those keys went missing and we just assumed we had left them somewhere. I was in a store and my son needed a snack to keep him occupied while I finished up my shopping. I reached way down into the side pocket looking for the snack and wah-la, our car keys that we had been missing were now found! Along with the keys, were several pacifiers, cheerios and a baby spoon. Lesson to learn: Clean and organize your diaper bag often!

Diaper kits are a new trendy and great easy grab when just needing to make a quick diaper change. My husband also said that he would not carry something that looked like a purse, so keep your man in mind when buying the right diaper bag. He wants to feel like a “dad” with a diaper bag, not a “mom.” Also, we have a smaller diaper bag for quick short trips and then we have a larger one to tote along on bigger trips or one’s we may need a little more stuff on. Happy diaper bag shopping!

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