Gear For Baby

Gear, one of the most fun areas you’ll get to shop in for your little one. This is one of those catagories that you’ll need to keep not just baby in mind, but you too! This is also one of those catagories to think beyond just the first 6 months of life. Think of the time in the near future when your sweet baby will be anxious to hold his head up and learn how to roll. Think about your baby wanting to get his legs strong and ready for crawling and walking soon. Think about a fun, safe and secure place to put your child while you need to throw a load of laundry in or do a load of dishes. Think about products that are easy to travel with. Nobody wants to feel like they are taking the whole house with them when leaving town with a baby. (You’ll feel like this anyways, everyday!) Try and consider if the products your considering are going to help your child learn and grow their gross motor skills.

It doesn’t get much better when mom and baby both are happy!

So what Gear do you really need?  Entertainers & Playmats will help keep your child mentally stimulated (did you know that babies will fuss sometimes just out of boredom)?  A Bouncer & Jumper will help them get some exercise and start to develop motor skills. A baby swing is a great soother and helps babies to develop their sense of balance. Playards can help to keep your crawler in a safe area, provide a nap location and sometimes a diaper changing area.  Infant Carriers and Backpacks will help you stay mobile.  And of course your baby needs some  baby toys — right now they learn through playing, interacting and exploring new things.

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