Baby Registry

My husband and I have now been through preparing for a baby 3 times! The first born is the most fun when it comes to Baby Registry! This is your time to ask for anything you’d ever like to have for your little bundle, on someone else’s wallet! Be smart! You don’t need the latest and greatest in everything. It was just 3 years ago that our first baby was born and it is mind boggling how fast the baby market changes and comes out with new things. Try and stay with neutral patterns when it comes to car seats and strollers and pack n plays. Ask yourself, will you be having more children in the future that will use these same things? A pink car seat may not work for a future son down the road. Unfortunately, unless there is a large gap between babies, registering for a baby registry is usually only an experience you get with your first child. So have fun! Think beyond just the first 6 months of your babies life. Get some things you’d like just because, but be smart on the bigger things you’ll use everyday. Having a baby changes everything!

Amazon now makes it even easier to create your Baby Registry with their new Universal Registry. Universal Registry allows you to add products to your baby registry from ANY website online. Why limit yourself to picking products from just one or two stores when you can shop and find the best products for your baby from any site and add it all to one Universal Registry. Learn more about Amazon Universal Registry here.

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