Best Bath Toys For Baby

by Danielle on November 19, 2009

in Baby Gear

Some babies love bath time. Others you have to work hard to entertain them and get the process done as quickly as possible. We found that with our little ones, making bath time an exciting and fun time early on when they were infants helped us later on when they got super opinionated about whether or not they wanted to take a bath as toddlers. Bath toys are a great way to entertain your baby and help develop some great motor skills all while having fun! Another plus about bath toys are they tend to last a long time, so plan on whatever you buy now for your baby, to still have a few years down the road for bath time. We suggest having a stash on hand of different items and cycle them out so that your baby always feels like he or she has a new and exciting bath toy. Also, don’t forget to sanitize your bath toys occasionally. They are perfect little toys that can hold a lot of dirty bath water or even have water get stuck inside only to mildew if you’re not careful. A little bit of warm water in a sink and a cap full of bleach water to soak the toys in for about 10 minutes will do the trick. Rinse them off thoroughly and they’re ready for play again. Happy bath Time!

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